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Overgangen til ungdomstrinnet. Elevenes opplevelser og hvordan vi kan støtte dem

Some of the questions Gro Marte Strand seeks to address in this first research-based book about the transition to lower secondary school within the Norwegian school-context are: How do students experience the transition from primary to lower secondary school? Which conditions and prerequisites can affect the students' transition experiences? What significance can the transition have for the students' motivation, learning and development, and how can teachers and other significant adults support them during the transition process?

The research shows that this is one of the most complex and demanding transitions in the pupils' school career, and that all pupils experience different challenges during the process. The quality of the student's transition experiences is of great importance for the student's emotional, academic, and social development and self-understanding. In the worst case, this transition can have negative outcomes for some students, while it also has great potential to be a positive resource for the students' further development. If we are to take care of this positive potential, we must pay more attention to this transition, have knowledge about it and assess the various conditions that affect the students.

The book is aimed at student teachers, teacher educators, teachers, school leaders, researchers and others who are concerned with and can influence students' transition processes.

Bokutgivelse november 2022, forfatter Gro Marte Strand, Universitetsforlaget

Foto: Elin Iversen/NTNU


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