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The Activity Theory Group was established in the early 1990s. Sigrun Gudmundsdottir (1948-2003), professor in pedagogy at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in Trondheim, introduced the tradition of holding special seminars with her Master’s degree students. Some of these students also completed their doctoral theses with Sigrun as their supervisor and are now the eldest members of the group. We meet twice a year. During one of these gatherings we meet for one day to discuss articles, our own forthcoming texts or articles published by other researchers, that we have read beforehand. These gatherings end with an informal dinner at one of the members’ homes. The other gathering is a three-day seminar where we write texts and give each other feedback. We now intend to publish a book of articles based on research conducted in various settings and with activity theory as the theoretical framework.


Anne Berit


May Britt 





Group members

May Britt Postholm

Professor,  Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Leader of the Group and Regional Coordinator ISCAR, The Nordic and Baltic countries

Eva Brustad Dallan

Associate professor, North University

Anne Berit Emstad

Professor, Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Nina Scott Frisch

Associate professor, Queen Maud Univerity College

Janne Madsen

Professor, University of South-Eastern Norway

Vivi Nilssen

Professor, Norwegian University of
Science and Technology

Lise Vikan Sandvik

Professor, Norwegian Univerity of Science and Technology

Kirsten Foshaug Vennebo

OsloMet–Oslo Metropolitan University

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